Friday, April 8, 2022

Seven reasons why you need pre-health insurance Plans

Due to hectic lifestyles and physical inactivity in this work from home, there are high chances of getting serious diseases. Treating such diseases can empty your bank account in just a few days. It would help if you had pre health insurance plans to cover you during critical situations affected by a disease. There are many attractive health insurance plans that solve most of your illness-related expenses. 

Here are good enough reasons for you to buy a health insurance plan.


  1. Get Coverage at an Affordable Price: You get the Coverage at an affordable price by investing some amount every month in a good health insurance policy. Considering the excellent health insurance of India, companies charge a lesser premium for providing you with health insurance coverage.
  1. Lifestyle Illnesses can Occur Anytime: The best health insurance policy provides you with annual health checkups that will help you know about your health conditions. By having the best health insurance policy, you can relax about the expenses during an illness. It is hard to choose health insurance in India when there are too many options.  
  1. Better Financial Planning: Buying a good health insurance policy at an early stage in life provides you leverage to get the insurance at the best price and get a premium at a low price. You can plan your finances better and cover your family's health by simply investing some amount every month. Many health insurance companies in India can provide you maximum cover. 
  1. Employer Cover is not enough: Many companies provide health coverage to their employees, but it does not cover broader aspects of your life. For this reason, you need to buy a dedicated health insurance policy to get yourself protected during a critical illness.  
  1. Completing Waiting Period when you need it: Normally, a health insurance policy has a waiting period of two to four years for pre-existing illnesses and other long-term illnesses like cataracts, hernia, hydrocele, etc. 

  2. Accumulated NCB During Initial Policy Years: If you don't take the time in your previous year, you get a No Claim Bonus. When you buy a health insurance policy at an early age, generally, you don't need any medical attention. Thus, you don't claim your cover during the initial years. 
  3. Fewer Chances of Rejection: When you buy health insurance in India at a young age, you get a lot of time to accept an insurance plan. If you get the policy after medical underwriting, it is impossible that your health insurance claim gets rejected. As you grow older, you get a severe illness and need medical help. 


A health insurance policy acts as a financial shield to protect you from financial burden during a critical illness. It is best to buy health insurance at an early age; buying health insurance helps you get Coverage at an affordable price. Some health insurance in India provides extra add-on coverage to cover all your extra expenditures, like travel, ambulance, etc. You need to buy a customized best health insurance policy which fulfills all your health needs.

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