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9 Best Eyeshadow Palettes in India You Must Have


Does makeup make any sense without some popping bursts of color for your eye makeup? Nah! Nope! Nada!


Yeah, that’s how we exactly feel about funky eye shadow colors.


The makeup industry has a lot to offer when it comes to eyeshadow palettes, but the question is with so many awesome options out there ‘which is the best one?’


Fret not lovely readers! We have sorted few of the best eye shadow palettes for you and we’re also going to tell you how to apply your eyeshadow that gives you the best result.


Before we begin on the wonderful eyeshadow palette options for you guys, let’s begin on learning how to apply your eye shadow.


How to apply your eye shadow?


Firstly, like the rest of your makeup, your eyes also need prepping. So, begin with washing your face with your favorite face wash and then make sure you pat dry. Now, apply your serum and for your eyes, apply your eye crème. Make sure you always use your ring finger to apply your eye crème in a tap-tap motion rather than rubbing it in. Take utmost care, because the skin under and around your eyes is extremely delicate.

Now, take your eye makeup primer and apply it on your lids. Eye makeup primers even tone your lids and make your eyeshadow colors pop out more vibrantly. Next, step is your concealer. Apply your concealer on your lid and blend it out well. Then, take a white matte-based eyeshadow and apply it all over your lid if you’re going for a colorful eyeshadow selection. The white base makes the colors pop exactly the way the shades appear on your palette.


If you’re going in for an everyday subtle look, then you can skip on the white eyeshadow base. Make sure you use the right brushes and blend your eye shadow well. Don’t forget to add a dash of color to your lower lash line as well.


Now, that we know on the ‘how’ part, let’s check out few of the best eye shadow palettes in India.


Iba Cosmetics

Iba Cosmetics, the one and only Halal Certified brand in India that is also vegan, PETA Certified and cruelty free, has one of the best eyeshadow palettes to offer. Iba offers three variants of eye shadow palettes; the first one is the Smoky Passion Palette which has different tones of black, grey, silver and blue. Just perfect for all your smoky eye makeup needs. The next one is the Glam Life Palette which has different tones of coral, peaches and pinks. This palette is just awesome for all your subtle ‘no makeup’ makeup look. The last one is the Party Vibes Palette, which truly lives up to its name with all the vibrant popping purple, pinks and green tones. These palettes are shimmer based, which makes it even more appealing and of course they are highly pigmented.


Nykaa Beauty


You’ve got to have some problem if you love makeup but hate Nykaa! Nykaa Beauty has occupied a very special place in every makeup lovers’ heart over the years. Their products are to die for and the quality has never been a concern ever. As, for the Nykaa Eyes On Me! 10-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette; all we have is love and appreciation. This variant of eyeshadow comes in five different selections and each palette has 10 shades to pick from. The best part, these 10 shades are a combination of matte and shimmer shades…totally awesome! Each palette has been curated with a particular color theme which makes it super easy for the user to create looks as they desire.


Kay Beauty


This brand is newer than the above-mentioned brands, but there is absolutely no comparison on the awesome products that Kay Beauty has to offer. Right here, we aren’t talking about any eyeshadow palettes, but we are talking about Kay Beauty’s Metallic Eyeshadow Stick. These sticks are so amazing that you can either use it like an eyeshadow and smudge it out or use it like an eyeliner. If you’re picking a darker brown shimmery shade like ‘fortune’, then you can also use it like a bronzer. Whereas the ‘bare metal’ shade or the ‘blushed moonlight’ shade can also be used like a highlighter if blended well.


E.L.F Cosmetics


We’d like to call this brand ‘every makeup beginner’s treasure’! because this brand is all about promoting the acceptance of beauty without any compromise at all. Their products are simple and yet gives out the best finish possible. As for their eyeshadow palettes, they’re an absolute bomb. But, we’re here to appreciate their e.l.f Cosmetics Bite Size Eyeshadow Palettes which are actually quite like the name suggests. These palettes are tiny and come in four shades in one with a combination of both matte and shimmer. The best part is you get to pick from six different variants and they are absolutely pocket friendly!


Nicka K New York


This brand is more popularly recognized by their ‘nk makeup’ symbol, especially on their awesome winner eyeshadow palettes. The ‘nk’ eyeshadow palettes are absolutely to die for; the highly pigmented colors, the perfectly textured shimmers and the bold matte shades are always on point. ‘nk’ has a variety of eyeshadow palettes to offer, but you can fearlessly pick almost any variant and you’re sure to fall in love with them.


Makeup Revolution


This brand is famous for their affordable and trendy range of cosmetics on a global level. This UK based brand is an absolute star amongst makeup lovers, makeup beginners and makeup artist professionals. As for this brand’s eyeshadow palettes, there isn’t really a point where we can begin appreciating because right from its quality of color pigment to its beautiful pay off, the palettes are just bomb. Makeup Revolution offer different selections of eyeshadow palettes ranging from 12 hues palettes and on to a 45 hues palette, which is nothing but a whole palette full of treasure. The quality and pay off is something to look out for, because you’re going to love this to the fullest.


Swiss Beauty


As the saying goes, ‘anything that has ‘Swiss’ in it, is always fancy and grand!’ Lol! But honestly guys, the moment you hear anything with ‘Swiss’ in it, is automatically super appealing. Same goes for the brand Swiss Beauty that offers a huge range of color cosmetics that is imported from Italy, Japan, Taiwan and Germany. But, right now we’re here to talk about their awesome and unique Metallic Liquid Eyeshadows. These come in cute single containers with a wand for easy application. These liquid eyeshadows easily double up as highlighters as well. Best part is, they are extremely pocket friendly and user friendly too.


L.A Colors


The L.A Colors Eyeshadow Palette has to be one the best picks for any makeup beginner. These palettes are packed with color and they are super compact. The reason why this brand’s eyeshadow palette has to be a beginner’s pick because, these eyeshadow palette colors come embossed with the name of the area the particular shade needs to be applied on. For example, lid, crease and highlight. Hence, there is no room for mistake and aimless guessing. Ace your eye makeup game flawlessly with these palettes.


Miss Claire


We’re not really looking at complete palettes from Miss Claire, but we’ve found super cute single eye shadow pots that cost just Rs. 160! Yeah cool! The best part is, there are 62 shades to select from. So, in case your favorite shade from your eyeshadow palette is over, then this tiny single shade pots would be a smart choice. Also, on days when you want to play around some funky colorful eye makeup and don’t want to end up spending huge bucks, then the Miss Claire Single Eyeshadow is your absolute BFF!

Now that we’ve given you so many choices to pick from, it’s time for some eyeshadow palette shopping!


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