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The need for the right quality of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients in the PCD Pharma Franchising sector

API, also known as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, is referred to as an element that is used for the manufacturing of medicines and drugs. It is considered to be one of the most essential elements. It is because it helps in the formation of the core raw material that makes the drugs and medications. 


Two main ingredients are required to make medicine - 

  • API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) 
  • Excipients 


An excipient is an element that makes the API enter our body and react with it. All the medical pharma franchising companies have to take utmost care in the whole process and manufacturing of API. 


Maintaining the right quality of APIs is very important for a franchise pharma company in UP. If a pharma franchising company neglects the quality and standards of APIs, then the company would not be able to sell the medication after inspection and the drug licence would be cancelled as well. 


Before moving ahead, let us first see how the API is made under the inspection of a pharma franchising company. 


Making of API in the PCD pharma franchising

There is a manufacturing plant that is solely dedicated to the production of API. The first basic step is to check and choose the right raw material through which API could be created. 


The process involves immense chemical processes under a specific temperature and conditions for converting the raw materials into APIs. Then these APIs are processed for further intermediation. 


The most important box that API should tick is its purity. APIs have to be very pure to stand on the quality check. 


The smallest of APIs have to be checked properly because they are directly related to the health of people. 


We have seen how important and necessary APIs are in the pharmaceutical sector. We also need to understand and gain deep knowledge about how pharma franchising companies play a major role in keeping a quality check of the APIs. 


Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients are the most crucial element in making a medication. Since it is directly related to the life of people, it has to be kept under regular checks.  


What is the role of API in pharma franchising companies? 

Quality standards are a vital point for APIs. All the UP pharma franchising businesses need to follow a set of guidelines while they produce APIs. Their main job is to inspect the manufacturing unit and make sure that APIs are produced according to the desired standards.


GMP, i.e., Good Manufacturing Practices makes sure that PCD pharma franchising companies tick all the quality standards that are required in the manufacturing of APIs. 


For example, if there is a pharma franchising company whose API manufacturing unit is placed overseas; FDA (Food and Drug Administration) still has to check the manufacturing unit and the licence of the pharma franchising company. 


If the department of quality control finds any sort of issues in the APIs produced, there is a warning that is issued and the drugs cannot be sold any further. 


Therefore, a pharma franchising company has to make sure that all the standards are met before the medication comes into the market and is consumed by people. 


The role of pharma franchising companies is very important because it manages the API production units and maintains the standards for the same. If ever a pharma franchising company fails to deliver the right standards, the company comes at a risk and is warned by the authorities. 


That's how important elements of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients are. 



A pharma franchising company needs to firmly follow all the set guidelines because APIs are the most important aspect in making drugs and medications. 


If there is any sort of problem or loop while producing APIs, it can be a very big risk for human life. Therefore, pharma franchising companies have to keep a wide eye on the manufacturing units of APIs. 


If you are planning to enter the business of pharma franchising in India, then you must be aware of all the guidelines and rules that are set for API quality standards and the need for it. 


If you understand how important Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients are while making drugs and medicines, you will also understand the right way to maintain the quality for the same. 

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