Thursday, March 10, 2022

What are the tips for child's dental health?

 People usually avoid child's dental care some how because they think it's just a milk teeth or temporary teeth, but this practice is not good at all as these teeth are base of a permanent teeth.

Sometimes because of these teeth and permanent teeth position there might be malocclusion results to orthodontic treatment. And many other problems in gums and teeth.

And as a tips,

Make habit of brush twice a day with flouride containing toothpaste.

Also rinse mouth properly after any thing they have. As from 6 months to teenage we have to concentrate on their oral hygiene

As if baby is on bottle feeding there might be a chances of nursing bottle caries. So make sure to rinse their mouth with water and clean cotton cloth after feeding and take proper instructions from the pediatrician or dentist.

Also learn proper brushing technique from your dentist to clean toddlers teeth.

Make sure to provide them flouride treatment for prevension of caries.

Try to avoid fast food, carbonated drinks, chocolates and candy on daily bases

Not even sweet food and candy even normal food can also detoriate food so as I previously written rinse their mouth after every food and drinks.

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