Thursday, April 14, 2022

Points to consider before going for knee replacement surgery

Many International patients from Africa and Middle East prefer to come to India for their Knee Replacement Surgery. These patients visit Indianot only becausein India the surgery cost is low compared to other countries but also the quality of treatment in India is par with international standards.

India has well qualified experienced doctors, well trainedmedical staff who useslatest technologies for customized implants and surgery methods depending on the need of patient, comfortable and hygienic stay.

Here are some points a patient must consider before going for Knee Replacement Surgery done in India:

1.      Qualified and Experienced Surgeons

The surgeon performing the surgery should be an experienced one to guide the patient towards a better solution that can benefit them the most by considering all their medical records, habits etc.

    2. Patient Medical Records

There are few cases where an individual can't undergo a Knee Replacement Surgery.

Here are some such cases when a patients can go for knee replacement surgery:

·        When the patient has a high blood pressure that can't be controlled

·        When they are easily effected with infections

·        When they are allergic to the materials used in implants

·        When their muscles or bones are weak to support the implants

·        When there is a noticeable bone loss

·        When they have serious heart disorders.

When dealing the patients with habits like alcohol consumption or smoking, the anesthetist should be careful because the anesthesia may result in side effects. The improper dosage of anesthesia can result in complications like stroke, clotting of blood, irregular breathing and heart attack. So the anesthetist should have a detailed knowledge about the patient's current health status and habits. If there is a chance of clotting they may suggest few drugs that prevent the clogging of blood.

3. Hospital Atmosphere

The atmosphere in which the patient is staying after and before the surgery should be hygienic and comfortable. There are chances of getting infected if there are any infections causing germs in the environment. The staff like duty doctors and nurses attending them should be caring and alert enough to notice any changes and to attend them in emergency situations. The food given to the patient should be good and be according to the doctors instructions.

4. Complications of Knee Replacement

The complications involved with knee implants are continuation of pain, implant fracture due to the excess weight of patient or strain of activities performed by them , development of an infection in the wound made for surgery, an injury to the artery or the vein which are present at the back of knee, slight difference in the length of legs after the operation, stiffness in the joints, allergy due to the materials used in the, dislocating of the implants, breaking of bone next to the implant, severe pain in the knee, continuous bleeding, occurrence of blood clots in lungs, instability due to the damage made to the ligaments during the surgery, damage to the nerves etc.

Although the chances of occurrence the issues are very low, an experienced doctor and surgeon can know how to face it and help the patient when the situation demands. Knee Replacement Surgery in India performed by a dexterous surgeon can help you feel better since they are very experienced in handling unexpected situations if they arise.

Types of Implants

The advanced and specially designed implants, materials, instruments and technology can be efficiently used by the well trained surgeon only. The surgery and implants can also be customized according to the patients by surgeon only if they are well experienced.

Success Rate of Implants

Total knee replacement surgery in India is highly successful in patients of all ages in fact, with the advent of technology and the use of the latest approaches the success rate has been much improved from earlier. This is to be noted that its success also depends on various parameters like post-surgery care, regular physiotherapy and following the diet prescribed by the surgeon and dietician to avoid infections.


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