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What are the roles and responsibilities of cancer doctors?




Before diving into the actual roles and responsibilities of cancer doctors, let us understand what they are termed as and what the meaning of that terminology is. The doctors who treat cancer are known as oncologists. They are the basic healthcare provider for the patients suffering from cancer and they design their treatment plans as well. Oncologists provide them with enhanced and supportive care and they also act as a coordinator for treatment with some other specialists.




As mentioned above, oncology is the study of cancer and the doctors who specialize in management and treatment of cancer patients are known as oncologists. Their day to day roles include:


        They confirm the initial diagnosis or examination of the patient.

        They explain and justify the particular stage as well as diagnosis to the patient.

        They provide numerous treatment plans as well as certain relevant recommendations to the patient.

        They study the course of treatment minutely.

        Oncologists also help the patients to manage their symptoms as well as certain side effects of cancer disease and its treatment schedule.


The job of an oncologist isn't just limited to the treatment of cancer. Some of the oncologists hold a certificate to practice hematology, that is, treating those patients who have irregular conditions in their blood. These oncologist actively provide services in top cancer hospital in Noida.


        The condition that is a consequence to shortage in our red blood cells is known as anemia.

        A blood disorder affecting the circulation of blood in the patient's body is known as sickle called anemia.

        Thrombosis is the condition that occurs when blood clots form inside of the blood vessels.




An oncologist is someone who extensively studies cancer and also treats the patients suffering from the same. They manage and take proper care of their patient from the day of diagnosis to the day of recovery.


The oncologists are certified medical doctors, They hold an undergraduate degree and also an M.D. They study physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology as well as medical ethics extensively.


For many months, the best oncologist in Noida visits through various distinct departments of a particular cancer hospital in Noida and practices medicine under the guidance of experienced doctors. This happens in the last stage of their medical degree.


In many cases, after the completion of medical school, a residency of four-year is offered which is then followed by another fellowship that lasts for around one to three years in oncology. Majority of the oncologists passed an exam in internal medicine which is a highly comprehensive paper. Then they become eligible to work in best cancer hospital in Noida and India.




The roles and responsibilities of a best oncologist in Noida are listed under:


        They explain to their patient about the diagnosis and inform them about the cancer stage as well.

        They also inform them about the possible treatments of the type of cancer.

        They give proper care and comfort to the patient.

        Even after the complete treatment they keep following their patient up making sure nothing comes up.




        Medical Oncologists: They treat cancer with immunotherapy and radiotherapy.

        Surgical oncologists: They eradicate tumours during surgery.

        Radiation oncologists: They treat their patients with radiation therapy.

        Gynecologic oncologists: They treat uterine, ovarian and cervical cancers.

        Hematologist-oncologists: They treat blood cancers.

        Pediatric Oncologists: The doctors who treat cancer that is common among teenages and young children are known as pediatric oncologists.




Dr Vikas Goswami is an extremely popular oncologist in Noida, Delhi NCR. He strongly believes that cancer is a curable disease if diagnosed correctly. He completed his graduation from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi. He went for his further training in Internal Medicine from Gandhi Medical College which is in Bhopal. Intensively, Dr Vikas Goswami did an entire three-year training and he wrapped his post-graduate degree in Medical Oncology from Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital and Research Institute, New Delhi. He is extremely familiar and full sound with the latest enhancements in the medical field.




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