Monday, June 20, 2022

Relationship between Healthy Foods and Mental Issues


There is a relationship between poor diet and poor mental health though this is difficult to divorce from other factors .Health eating, exercise and a positive attitude are the most essential.

For a healthier diet

Reduce refined carbohydrates:-sugars to be more specific, can make you feel good and give you a lift so should not be avoided, but can make you feel tired and lethargic.

Reduce bread consumption: food heavy in wheat often cause bloating which though not harmful can contribute to a feeling of ill health. Most people who claim sensitivity to gluten are actually not –they just feel better off wheat because of the way their body handles the wheat sugars.

Try to avoid consumption of alcohol: This also counts, as ‘food’ and is really bad for mental health.

Increase vegetables: this helps the body to work better; it nourishes your body and will help you avoid constipation.

Eat the food you enjoy: for instance if you enjoy unhealthy foods, then eat it but not all the time .Try to space the unhealthy foods a bit. Food is not only for sustenance but also meant for enjoyment, which is important if your health is not good.

The following are healthy foods to reduce depression ;

Caffeine: -certain amount of coffee is good for mental health as it boosts your mind.

Sugar: - it is interesting as sugar is good for mind not for body. A perfect example is when your moms used to give you candies to be focused.

Yoghurt:-it contains probiotics that also reduce depression.

Fish: - we all know the omega 3 benefits for mental health.

Fruits: - bananas especially give you mood swings and make you happy that is also linked with your mental health.

Some important things to remember

Your nervous system requires healthy fats to run .Always try to get food quality fats from fish and nuts, and avoid vegetable oil. Keep in mind that most manufacturers cut costs by using low quality oils.

Look for grass feed and preferably organic, the quality of life and diet of the animal you consume matters for the nutritional quality and taste of what is in your plate .Grass feed beef contains omega 3, grain feed does not.

Eating high quality foods will reduce your appetite as your body will be getting what it needs .Nutritionally empty sugary products keep you hungry because your body doesn’t want sugar ,it wants nutrition. If your mostly concern with the cost of better quality then you should consider that all the money in the world may not restore your health once you lose it.

While nutrition is well known and scientifically proven to have an effect on mental health almost no psychiatrist will test for deficiencies or do any kind of screening for these issues.

In conclusion, what you eat affect your physical and mental health .For good reason our intestine is called a second brain .All childish diseases are treated with organizing a healthy diet.

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