Saturday, July 16, 2022

Intense Pulse Light: Best Hair Removal Solution

An IPL hair removal stands for Internal Pulse Light with several benefits and can be used in different ways. It is commonly used as a hair removal solution for:

       Remove spider veins

       Improve skin pigmentation and texture

       Reduce acne

       Removes signs of sun damage

How does it work?

The flashgun device will be used to pass across the skin. It delivers a range of light targeting melanin. The light is traveling onto the skin after it strikes the hair root. You will find the highest concentration of melanin here when the light absorbed the bulb. When the hair is heated, destroys the papilla that is producing the hair. 


A better form of hair removal

Shaving can be time-consuming as it has an immediate grow back. For those who are shaving but want regular hairless bodies, it becomes a part of their daily routine to shave. IPL hair removal is the best solution compared to the shaving method. Why?

Here are the reasons why you choose this hair removal:

       Without nicks and rashes

       Not painful



       Constant hairless body


These are the reasons why a lot of women are choosing this method.

#126 (169) IPL hair removal


In comparison to laser hair removal, IPL is less painful. The pain levels are dependent on the type of body. A lot of professional IPL machines with cooling systems can actively cool the skin. It can considerably reduce the discomfort felt while on the treatment.


There is only a small ping on the skin, while described to have a small pinging sensation on the skin. On the first treatment, the pain is commonly strong. The less hair, the less painful it will be. IPL is less painful compared to laser hair removal.


With the wide range of light rays, the machine covers a larger surface area than a laser machine. The sessions will have quicker results. Intense Pulse Light is a perfect choice when troubled by extended time or limited free time of discomfort. Treatment sessions take a shorter time compared to laser hair removal.


The IPL treatment target some areas; the back and legs. But, the only benefit t this is you may not need to book the follow-up treatments as frequently in maintaining the results.

How long does the session take?

IPL takes fix sessions to get rid of the hair for 70%, permanently removing the hair. It kills the follicles, making the growth of the hair hindered. The treatment is just taking 15-60 minutes. Also, it depends on the area where the hair is removed.


There is always a solution when looking for hair removal solutions. IPL is one of them, which can be safer, painless, quick, and permanent. Of course, you don't want to pick a hair removal solution that simply works temporarily.


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