Monday, August 1, 2022

Bad Dental Habits That Can Ruin Your Smile

Have you ever considered why you still have dental problems while maintaining excellent oral hygiene? Many people brush and floss their teeth carefully twice a day and visit their experienced dentist once a while to have a professional checkup. However, they still have problems with their teeth, and their oral condition isn't ideal as they wish. As a professional same-day dentist in Toronto explains, although a wide range of dental issues can be originated from poor oral hygiene, there are specific habits that can ruin your smile over time without you being aware of them. These damaging habits can undermine the good ones and compromise your dental health and wellbeing. Here we have a list of worst dental habits, how they can hurt your teeth' health and why it's necessary to quit them.

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Using Your Teeth as Tools: According to what general dentists report, many patients rely on their teeth for several odd jobs like opening a bag of chips, uncapping a bottle or breaking the nut shells. All these habits can put damaging pressure on your teeth, leading to tooth fractures and extremely weak teeth. Before using your teeth as tools, think about the consequences of your actions and try to find simple tools to maintain good oral health.

Using Improper, Hard-bristled Toothbrush: If you think the firmer your toothbrush is, the better oral hygiene you will have, you are entirely wrong. The quality of your oral hygiene is the highest when you know which type of toothbrush is suitable for you according to your condition after consulting with your dentist. Hard-bristled toothbrushes can seriously damage your teeth, leading to problems like dental sensitivity, receded gums and exposed roots.

Sucking, Crunching and Sipping: Some simple habits like chewing ice which is largely seen among people, can be one of the main reasons for your dental problems. Ice cubs' brittleness and cold temperature can cause tooth fractures over time, resulting in severe dental traumas. Many people are used to bad dental habits like keeping the pits of fruits in their mouth to suck and then crunch on, which don't seem to be damaging at all. Moreover, sipping sugary drinks is another usual bad habit among people, which can foster tooth decay if you don't keep your balance. Replace ice cubes with crushed ice in your drinks, eat healthy and safe snacks to chew, minimize soda exposure to your teeth, and don't forget about using a straw for drinking.

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Grinding Your Teeth: Teeth grinding is another damaging habit people usually do unconsciously. The reasons for teeth grinding can differ in patients, including anxiety and stress, an abnormal bite, and missing or crooked teeth. General dentists usually recommend that patients used to teeth grinding wear mouth guards at night to maintain their oral health. These days, custom-made mouth guards are more popular as they generally fit better and perform better.

After putting some effort into quitting these habits, you will realize considerable changes in your dental condition and notice how your smile is more lovely than before!

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