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Difference between male breast cancer and female breast cancer



Breast cancer can grow in anyone, but it is more common in females than males. There are differences and similarities in the elements and risk factors of male and female breast cancer suggested by the Best Oncologist in Noida.


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Why does breast cancer damage more females than males?

There are two situations breast cancer is more common in females than in males.

Breast development and anatomy

The most trusted source of breast cancers begins in the milk pipes and the lobules, the formation containing the milk-generating glands.

Both male and female breast tissue comprise a few pipes under the nipple and areola until adolescence suggested by the Best Oncologist in Noida. During adolescence, females develop increased levels of certain hormones, which conduce these ducts to grow and lobules to create.

Males typically haveTrusted Sources with low levels of these hormones, so the breast tissue does not increase as much

Breast cancer differences in males and females

While there have not been as many analyses of male breast cancer as there have of female breast cancer, researchers have noticed the most commonly trusted source shared male and female risk factors, including:


According to the ACSTrusted Source, female breast cancer rates enhance with age until the decade. The typical age of identification in females is 62 under the Breast cancer treatment in Noida.

Male breast cancer rates also enhance with age, and males are often diagnosed much later, at 72 years old trusted source, on average, suggested by the Best Oncologist in Noida.


Genetic mutations, such as BRCA1 and BRCA2, can increase the chance of breast cancer in females and males under Breast cancer treatment in Noida.

The ACSTrusted source states that males with the BRCA2 gene have a lifetime of around 6 in 100.

Family history of breast cancer

Approximately 1 in 5 males trusted sources with breast cancer has a close family member who has had the illness.

The possibility of developing breast cancer is about 1.5 times trusted source higher for females with one first-degree female relative damaged by breast cancer than those with no family record of cancer. It is 2–4 times greater for females with more than one first-degree relative with breast cancer suggested by the Best Oncologist in Noida.


The CDCTrusted source expresses that people can experience different symptoms of breast cancer depending on the person, and some may not have any symptoms under the Breast cancer treatment in Noida.

Breast cancer symptoms generally include a lump, or multiple lumps, in the breast area or under the armpit suggested by the Best Oncologist in Noida. These lumps usually:

Develop in one breast

Seem under or around the nipple

feel hard

do not move around

feel bumpy

Increase over time

In males, breast lumps can generate due to enlarged male breast tissue and a fatty swelling called a lipoma or a cyst. In females, they can occur due to a tissue increase called a fibroadenoma.

Other symptoms of breast cancer involve:

release from the nipple

a conversion in the feel and appearance of the skin, such as denting

a rash, riming, or scaly and tingling skin around the chest

modifications to the nipple, such as turning the insides

the surrounding skin becoming hard or condensed

If a person identifies any symptoms of breast cancer, they should seek medical advice.

Diagnosis and treatment

A doctor will execute testing and a symptom assessment to determine if a person has breast cancer. After the test, they may order a mammogram and breast sonography under the Breast cancer treatment in Noida.

They will request a biopsy to confirm any swelling the doctor suspects may be cancerous.

A doctor will direct the person to the best treatment plan if the results are positive. Imaging examinations such as CT and MRI scans can help a doctor diagnose the phase of breast cancer and discover if it has spread elsewhere in the human body suggested by the Best Oncologist in Noida.

Doctors utilize the same treatment options for both female and male breast cancer, involving:

surgery to abolish either a part or all the breast


hormone therapy

radiation therapy


While there is no guaranteed method to stop obtaining breast cancer, there are methods a person can decrease their chances of enhancing the disease.

Prevention starts at home with continual self-examinations. To operate a breast test, a person should:

Look at the breasts in a mirror from all points. Look for any conversions in color or appearance or lumps that were not there earlier.

Set up the arms and look for the exact conversions.

Tests the nipples to see if there is any flow.

Lie down and test the left breast with the fingers of the right hand. Press down circularly on all parts of the breast and armpit areas, feeling for lumps.

Use the fingers of the left hand to test the right breast in the same manner suggested by the Best Oncologist in Noida.

Repeat steps 4 and 5, either standing or sitting.

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