Friday, November 11, 2022

Is a Hypnobirthing course worth it?

Knowledge about how our bodies and minds work will help to remove or minimize the fear of the unknown. Comprehensive hypnobirthing in Brisbane is supposed to help you in removing this fear and instead prioritise feelings of calm and positivity. You will learn about the hormones of birth, physiology, possible interventions, and what to expect in pregnancy, labour, birth and much more in these classes. Being equipped with this knowledge is invaluable but it is up to you to decide if these things are worth it. 

The value and worth ofhypnobirthing are based on your experience

What you place on the value of your experience, should be dependent on the value of your baby’s experience. Taking an active role in better well-being for your baby during labour and birth is always worth it – no matter how you achieve that. Preparing for birth in a positive way and seeing it as a normal, natural event is an incredibly impactful way to lessen risks and the need for intervention. Your underlying fears about birth could affect its experience for you. It is universally known that reducing stress during pregnancy could have a positive impact on a baby’s brain development. But did you know that a gentle birth can help in their smooth transition into this world?

They need a comforting nurturing and loving environment, and it is in these precious moments that parents are able to enjoy an empowered birth experience. Hypnobirthing classes are also holistically valuable because they support our birth partners too. There is a special section dedicated to the birth partner to enrich their support knowledge and capability. It is important to note that there are differences between hypnobirthing courses. However, all of the hypnobirthing courses use techniques that give you the tools to prepare for a positive birth experience. The certified hypnobirthing practitioner is there to guide you through the content and then provide you with an achievable method of ongoing preparation for body and mind. It is up to you to use them for ongoing support in your preparation for a positive birth. 

Which hypnobirthing course is best for me?

It should be easy for you to access the materials and support you need to prepare for a positive and empowered birth. You have online ongoing support and private sessions if that is what you require. This method of learning has been tried and tested by thousands of other parents worldwide and up-to-date resources/training materials. While we do not guarantee that you will experience a birth free of pain or some degree of intervention, we do intend to give you all the knowledge for you to have a calm pregnancy and a positive birth experience. Our course keeps everyone fully involved, including your birth partner, to ensure that everyone plays an important part in delivering a birth experience that feels right for you.

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