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Top Similarities & Differences Between Implanted Teeth and Dental Bridges

Undeniably, our smile is the initial factor that can introduce us to the world. That's why a wide range of methods and procedures are successfully provided to make significant changes in the appearance of your smiles. But the important point that should be mentioned is that those self-conscious about one or more missing teeth should schedule a time to see highly-skilled cosmetic dentists if they prefer to flash their pearly whites. According to a dentist at an affordable dental implant center in Vancouver, dental bridges and implants are highly requested among all available restorative solutions that can bring beauty back to your smiles by replacing missing teeth. They can gift you a glorious smile and help you enjoy life by having your favorite food. Let's look at each solution's pros and cons to help you make a well-formed decision and say goodbye to your unattractive smile.

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Restoring Your Smiles using Teeth Implants

Undoubtedly, the first solution for replacing lost teeth is a certain type of oral surgery known as dental implants. Once a basic examination to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for this treatment is successfully performed, your medical history should be accurately checked to determine if you suffer from severe issues like diabetes that interfere with more successful outcomes. Then your highly-dedicated oral surgeons should numb the affected sites because an incision should be created in your gum. As the next step, the hole should be drilled into the jawbone because the implant fixtures should be accurately attached to your bones, just like natural teeth. Once the titanium device installation is complete, you should patiently pass your healing time. During this time, you should keep in touch with your healthcare providers to ensure your bone is healing and fusing with the metal component. After at least three months, you should visit your dental practitioners and let them place the artificial tooth in its right position. Although this solution will cost high prices, it will provide eye-catching results. Another important point motivating you to choose this procedure is that, unlike dental bridges, there's no need to have healthy teeth in the surrounding area to support your implanted teeth.

affordable dental implant center in Vancouver

How to Replace Lost Teeth with Dental Bridges?

Don't worry if you cannot afford the high prices of dental implant surgery because your dentists can easily close the gaps with dental bridges. This method is a traditional recommendation to restore unattractive smiles that suffer from one or more missing teeth. Those who decide to undergo this useful option should make an appointment to visit their extensively-educated dentists because they are the only ones who can take an impression of the patient's mouth and create the best-in-class dental bridges. They should also check the adjacent teeth to determine if they are strong enough to keep the bridges stable in their proper places. Those who are afraid of undergoing oral surgery are the most appropriate cases to undergo dental bridges because they are placed in the space caused by missing teeth through nonsurgical procedures. But it should be noted they are less durable than implanted teeth, and you should fix or replace them frequently.  

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