Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Is at Home Teeth Whitening Harmful?


Which teeth whitening method do you prefer the most? Do you want to stay at home and whiten your teeth for a short time with the help of some domestic ways or toothpaste? Or do you prefer to visit a professional domestic dentist and whiten your teeth for a longer time? Though domestic methods are more accessible and affordable, they cannot whiten your teeth for long. According to a dentist offering affordable teeth whitening in Vancouver, they only can remove and wash food stains from your teeth or clean up some parts of your teeth. Moreover, you have to give up smoking and drinking due to your domestic whitening methods. Drinking a cup of coffee every day or smoking daily will make your teeth yellow and discolored over time. You can even use the whitening gel at home, but you will also need a professional cosmetic dentist's advice. Using whitening gel at home requires dentists' instructions and guidelines.

How Can We Perform Teeth Whitening at Home? 

There are some domestic ways to whiten your teeth at home. As we said before, whitening gel is a trained method, but you will also need your dentist's advice. The domestic whitening gel is weaker than that used at dental clinics.  

You can whiten your teeth by putting domestic whitening gel on your teeth and using a small brush. You have to repeat this process several times to get your demanded result. Though domestic whitening gel is effective, it won't last long. 

According to patients' opinions and reviews, domestic whitening gel makes your teeth white and bright for only 4 months. Whitening strips are also another domestic teeth whitening method. You use them at your home quickly and effortlessly. 

This domestic method's usage process differs from the weak whitening gel. You must put the dental and whitening strips on your teeth for 30 minutes. You have to repeat this process twice a day, so that it will be time-consuming for you. 

 Domestic Teeth Whitening Are Better or Dental Clinics'? 

To decide which teeth whitening is better than the other one, you have to compare every possible detail and functionality. Domestic whitening methods may be good for you, while others disagree with these methods.  

The time, price, dental knowledge, its effects, and too many other options make it easier for you to compare these whitening processes. Here are the most differences between the domestic whitening process and the clinical ones: 

  • The domestic whitening process is more time-consuming . You will have white teeth only during 2 or 3 sessions. Each session is 20 minutes.  
  • The clinical whitening process may be more expensive than the domestic method
  • The clinical whitening process will last longer than the domestic whitening procedure
  • The clinical whitening process makes your teeth whiter than domestic methods

Finally, your white teeth depend on your dental care and health. You will have better, brighter, and whiter teeth if you care more about your dental and oral health. We recommend choosing the clinical whitening process.

Although clinical whitening procedures are more expensive, they don’t have any challenges, and you can have white teeth longer.


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