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What Is a Punch Implant?

Punch implants are among the greatest methods for replacing lost teeth. They are sometimes called instantaneous implants, implants without surgery, etc. Dental implants look like natural teeth placed in the gums during quick procedures. The dentist may prescribe an implant after treating potential problems such as gum infection, insufficient bone in the jaw area, etc., that could prevent tooth implantation. 

As a professional dentist offering dental implants in Scarborough says, the patient must undergo a bone grafting procedure to receive bone from another person or their own body if they do not have enough bone for a dental implant.

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Dental Implants without Surgery

This method places the punch or dental implant in the jawbone without surgery. This method is very suitable for those who are afraid of dental surgery or have problems such as heart disease and high blood pressure because there is no need for any surgery with bleeding or stitches. Dental issues is one of the most common health problems in India. Tooth decay, stemming from poor oral hygiene and sugary diets, is rampant. Gum disease, marked by bleeding gums and receding gum lines, also affects a large portion of the population. These problems, often ignored due to lack of awareness, can progress and lead to pain, tooth loss, and even impact overall health.

In the first stage, the implant specialist thoroughly and carefully examines the gums and teeth to ensure the absence of infection, plaque, the softness of the gums, hardness or lack of jaw bone, etc. If any of these cases exist, the dentist will recommend the treatment of these diseases, but otherwise, the initial dental implant procedures will be performed in the same session.

The process of the punch implant is that, at first, special punch devices, which have heads of different sizes, create a hole with the necessary depth in the desired area of ​​the gum for tooth implantation. In the punch implant method, there is no need for surgery and cutting of the gum, and only by creating a hole in the gum is placed in its place, and then a temporary cover is placed on it, which has a natural appearance like other teeth.

Following the implant's recovery, maintenance, and fusion with the jawbone, which takes around three months, the patient visits the dentist's office when a mold of his teeth is created. A permanent dental crown is made over two weeks, after which it is finalized and attached to the implant.

Caring for Punch Implants

Before the permanent tooth crown is affixed to the dental implant base, it is best to refrain from eating or brushing with abrasive materials, drinking extremely hot or cold liquids, or utilizing hard foods. You must take care of the dental implant like your natural teeth once a permanent dental crown has been placed on it.

Regularly floss and brush your teeth at least twice a day. The dentist advises the use of antiseptic mouthwash in particular circumstances. Stay away from chewing gum and other sticky items. Your new teeth can last the rest of your life if you take good care of them.

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For Whom Is the Punch Implant Suitable?

The punch implant is a good option for those scared of surgery or bleeding; they have an appropriate jawbone thickness and diameter, want the procedure done as quickly as possible, and have a low pain tolerance threshold. The punch implant technique is one of the greatest techniques to replace teeth if the client has conditions that affect their heart or blood pressure.

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