Thursday, June 30, 2022

Comparing Buying to Constructing


As a result of the increasing demand, content providers have been forced to implement end-to-end security solutions in order to protect premium content from unauthorised access and distribution caused by streaming and OTT content on popular platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. These solutions protect premium content from being viewed by unauthorised parties. Content that is guarded by DRM-protected content, code protection, forensic watermarking, and user authentication are all essential elements of a comprehensive security approach.


As the media business continues its global expansion and as the popularity of the internet continues to rise, new forms of piracy and new ways to commit it are appearing. Content providers need to take preventative actions in order to stay up with the ever-evolving demands that are placed on them by pirates. In this particular scenario, an external video watermarking service should be utilised rather than an internal solution. The following is a list of the primary justifications:


The capacity to make use of specialists and resources that are up to date:


It is of the utmost importance that any security solution be crafted with the most cutting-edge technologies and most recent development cycles. Even for a huge corporation, it is possible that this will be difficult to acquire. Working with a third-party watermarking supplier provides you access to the most recent technologies and advances in forensic watermarking, which is useful if you want to stay abreast of the most recent instances of cyber piracy and other security risks.


A quicker amount of time to react:


In the case that digital rights management (DRM) content is violated, a reaction from a third-party provider can be as prompt as possible. In the case that there has been a breach in security, time is of the essence, and rapid action is required in order to avert severe income losses. The removal of watermarks from content that has been illegally downloaded or otherwise obtained requires a significant investment of both time and effort on its own. When it comes to the actual process of watermarking, forensic watermarking providers concentrate their efforts on simplifying the process as much as they can while continuing to uphold their responsibility of inventing a complicated technology.


Incurred a financial gain while achieving a cost savings:


In most cases, the implementation of watermarking systems is handled by a group of security professionals that have been contracted by an independent service provider. Because the client consistently invests in the ongoing education and skill development of their workforce, the client enjoys cost savings related to training. Beginning an internal service does not necessitate any upfront expenditures or infrastructure requirements. Because assaults can happen at any time, maintaining the security of a system requires that it be continuously modified and improved upon. It may be possible for the company to avoid incurring unplanned costs by working with a third-party provider.

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