Monday, April 24, 2023

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Toothache comes because of different reasons. Root canal issues are one of the most known and seen toothache causes. Don’t neglect your toothache for long because it may be harmful. 


As a professional endodontist in Toronto states the dentist can treat your root canal issues in the first days of its happening, but root canal treatment will be difficult to perform after long time.


The root of teeth canal is a crucial section of your oral health because it is the base of your teeth. Therefore, dentists must consider special and practical treatment for your root canal. 


This is a unique dental therapy for fixing the injured inside of the teeth. The medical name of this process is endodontic therapy. 


You may have a challenging time during this treatment but worth the price and time. To get familiar with this dental treatment, keep reading the post below.

How Is Root Canal Therapy Done? 

This dental therapy begins with the drilling item. The dentist uses drill to make a hole into your injured teeth and takes out the soft center of the tooth. the soft center of the injured tooth is named dental pulp. 

Connective soft tissues, blood supply, connective nerve, and other sections will create this soft center of your teeth. Note that this dental pulp will extend into the root canal of your injuried tooth. 

The dentist fills and seals the dental space after extracting or taking out the soft center name dental pulp. During root canal treatment, the dentist may replace the crown. You chew foods with the surface of your tooth, which is named the crown. 

In some cases, it is essential to replace the tooth crown for the patient. A regular, general, and specialist dentist can quickly treat root canals. You will need the root canal treatment if you have a badly infected, injured, or damaged tooth. 

Your teeth get injured, badly infected, and damaged because of dental decay, gum illness, and other dental problems. Moreover, the cracked dental filling and chipped teeth may also cause root canal issues. 

When Is the Best Time to Have Root Canal Therapy

Does your dental pulp, the soft center of your tooth, get damaged? After your dental pulp gets damaged, the infection or oral bacteria will multiply quickly inside your mouth and tooth. 

So you will face a complex and nasty infection that affects your tooth root canal too. How can you save your root canal? It is the best time to use root canal therapy as the last solution.

Saving the tooth root is vital and possible only via root canal therapy. You may think about dental implants. Implants are excellent and famous, but they are artificial teeth. We mean it is better to save your natural and real teeth. 

Natural teeth are better for chewing and biting foods. If you lose your tooth and cannot treat your root canal, you will face some other problematic dental conditions. In addition, your oral health has a strong connection with your root canal.

Don’t underestimate the root canal problems and try to visit your dentist to treat the issue as soon as possible.    

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